Car park work 2022

19 August 2022

There are some key improvement and resurfacing works taking place in the upper deck of our car park here at Trinity Walk which is now nearing completion.

Some areas of the upper deck car park have been closed and then reopened one section at a time and there are three sections to complete. We are now onto the third and final section.

Access to all shops via the car park will be unaffected throughout and shops will be open as usual.

As always, our aim is to keep any disruption to a minimum while these essential works are undertaken.

That’s why work will be done in phases, some work done out of hours and the entrance near Asda Living will be kept open as much as possible, with it closed for just a couple of days as part of phase three in August.

Phases one and two have been completed and phase three will be finished in August. This is just for guidance and could change.

It’s the first time any key work has had to be done on our car park in over a decade, so we hope everyone will be understanding of this and we’ll aim to get it done as soon as possible in the next few months.

The car park remains completely safe to use and look out for signage to help you navigate your way around.


  • Can I still get into shops while work is going on?

    Yes, you’ll still be able to access Sainsbury’s, Asda Living and Next – along with all our other stores here – while work is being undertaken.

  • Why are you doing this?

    To complete repair work, it means digging up the surface, replacing it and resurfacing the upper deck of the car park in three stages.

  • Why are you doing it now?

    We have to do it when the weather is most likely to remain relatively dry, so have avoided winter.

  • How do we get into the car park during work?

    As always, please try to enter via the Marsh Way main entrance but both entrances should be generally unaffected, except the Asda Living/bus station entrance which may need to close for a couple of days during phase three. The lower deck will be mostly unaffected.

  • Will there be space for me to park when visit?

    Yes, the reason why we have asked for work to be done in sections is so we can maintain as many parking spaces as possible. Once each section is completed it will be reopened for use before contractors move to the next section. The lower deck will remain in action throughout so there should be plenty of parking spaces. Please follow signage.

    If we do fill up, then nearby parking at The Ridings is available along with Wakefield Council street parking and Merchant Gate.

  • I need to access disabled spaces, will that be possible?

    Yes, the plan is for our disabled bays outside of Sainsbury’s to be accessible for most of the time. If there are any changes we’ll have signage in place to help you.

  • Will family parking be available?

    Yes, except for when work is taking place during phase three around July/August near to that section which means access to those spaces may not be available during that time. Again, we’ll have signage out to guide you.

    And as soon as we can restore it, we will.

  • How will I know when it’s all finished?

    We’ll do our best to update people through social media and our website so people know what’s happening.

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