Privacy Policy

Hi. We want to be nice and clear about the data we collect and use. It’s your data. It’s important.

We respect your personal data and we’ll keep it safe. We’ll only contact you if you’ve told us you are happy for us to and why – this maybe through a supplier acting directly on our behalf (e.g. digital marketing agency).

It’s usually to respond to an enquiry, or tell you about great things happening at our shopping centre, events we are involved with, some offers or ways to save money – and maybe a few other things.

We never generally bombard you with emails – if you’ve previously signed up to our e-newsletters before, you’ll know this. You can unsubscribe at any time on any email, no problem.

We may hold information you have provided as part of competition entries and use this to contact you to say if you have won/not won where appropriate. We will ask if you want to sign-up to additional marketing communications, not automatically assume.

We welcome feedback and contact from our shoppers. We may hold your information for a period of time (usually two years), but won’t use this to contact you unless relevant to your enquiry.

We often take pictures and film on our privately owned land that encapsulates our entire shopping centre and will put signs up so you know. If you don’t want to be included when this happens, please just let us know at the time. No problem.

We may collect data when people visit our website including duration of visit, time, referring URL, IP address, type of device, operating system used and MAC address. This is often via Google analytics.

We may at times collect your name and contact details ahead of an event at our centre. We’ll make it clear at the time.

As well as our shopper car park, we operate a staff-only car park – and as a result will collect, store and process data for those paying and parking as part of this service so we can charge for and administer this car park. These users sign-up to an agreement covering this process and their data.

We operate CCTV 24 hours a day, seven days a week and our contracted staff often wear body cameras. We control access to those images and recordings. Generally we keep these images for up to 90 days – longer if it relates to a civil or criminal investigation. You can request to see footage of an incident involving yourself through an established process – please contact our Operations Manager via the link below.

We also collect your personal information when relating to an accident or incident on site and will process this information in accordance with the law and keep it safe.

We have never and will never sell your data to third parties.

If you have any questions about your privacy and/or data, please get in touch.

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